Not your prey but yours

I can’t help but look beyond the fact that every time you open your mouth you possibly unleash the little monster – judgement. See I thought that with you I could roam freely and simply be, like a lamb out on the fields prancing and leaping without a care in the world on the dewy greens. I thought I would have the space to be myself, to make mistakes, to learn to live but little did I know that you had set this monster loose, amidst the pasture the dewy greens, and it hurt this spry lamb cutting into its flesh and staining it’s hope coloured wool with its blood, yet the lamb washed in the river of smiles. Now you look into the pasture at the lamb that doesn’t leap as much as before wondering what happened. You know nothing of the pain you wrought by your words and the monster that went on an onslaught against this pretty little lamb.


The Cleansing

If the trees become paper for offices, the wetlands become farms, the lakes become slew ponds, the mountains become mines and all the land that remains is torn apart by roads, tunnels and dotted with cities how much of it would remain to sustain us…Us the wild flowers, the deer, the elk, the wolves, the bear, the gophers, the maggots, the bees, the birds, the fir, the spruce, the deciduous, the grass, the shrubs, the bushes and lastly the humans?


She is my sun my star the center of my universe. Her smile lights up the red spectrum of my emotion. Come sit by me and let my heart bask in the warmth that your touch brings, for until the day we met my heart was nothing but a wasteland desolate, dark and cold


Don’t you ever take for granted my presence in your life, for if at any given time I realize that all of my efforts to love you, care for you are abused or simply ignored I would be more than willing to use the door. I need to love me too, why should I spend it all on someone who completely rejects it? Tis a futile endeavor.


I care enough to not let go, I care enough to hold your hand after you’ve stepped of the edge and I’m not letting go.


You deserve nothing but the finest clothing and wares, items of immense worth for and in everything but what becomes of a soul who can never understand the selfless act of kindness and love and is lost in the trap of self hate


You judge and condemn me because I scream and shout everytime you reach out, yet what you don’t know is that everytime you hug me you touch the wounds and bruises on my back from my past

Her Majesty

Your body, not worthy I am until I have earned your trust, showed you love, given you respect, and treated you like the queen you were born to be.


They say the sky is just the beginning and the stars are the limit. They have obviously never gazed upon your face or looked into your eyes, for your face shrouds me with wonder the beginning of a fatal attraction and in your eyes I could get lost for I see the space in a soul I wish to forever pour my love into