Cut me cut me loose

For I have taken the noose

On my neck she sits, I have nothing to lose

Never secure, not tight with screws

I have given up, my life has lost its muse


My mind eye

I could sit here for hours

It’s the place where the sky touches the sea

It’s the place where you go to see me

It’s the place I become truly free

It is where I learnt, that I have the key.


I will love you from now until the end of time, and I know you will always watch over me.

I am thankful for the time I got to stay with you.

Not hateful at life or God for taking you

But holding on to the memories that are more than an armful

I still feel your absence and will grieve you cos it’s needful

But I will be careful to not fall into a life of pain but learn to smile and treasure our moments.

I will be honest, moving on and living without you has got me fearful

But I will fight my fear until my life provides a worthy memory that is more useful

I hope I take the lessons you have thought, and joy you have brought and some day make the most of it. So when the day comes I will lie full of memories and happiness for the life I got.


I have always needed you

To lift me up like helium when I was down

To hold me down when I lost sight of the ground like an anchor

I fight every now and then to cut the ropes, but you’ve got them reinforced cos you ain’t ever letting go

You’re there for me to help me become who I’m supposed to be, even when I don’t believe in me and think I’ve broken free…falling, you again like helium catch me.

Thank you.


Before the dawn of time there was me, I have sat here and protected all that you see, green, brown and blue I have watched over them all and you. Before the first creatures sprung forth from the sea there was me, before the soil gave birth to trees I have roamed free. This is my home and you are my children I have welcomed you and given you all you needed. And this is how you repay my kindness?

You have grown wise in time, you have developed in skill and ability, I applaud your ingenuity.

Feel the grass underneath your feet, breathe in the air from the hilltop, bask in the ocean vast and full of mystery. All this I have made available to you in love yet you bite the hand that feeds you.

Upon my sacrifice and labour of time you have defiled and defaced, my fields, my air, my soul and all that I did care. So watch me reveal to you my flipside, for you have preyed upon my kindness for too long.

I am Mother Nature watch me roar, I will show you the true meaning of fear, I will shake you to your core. I will take away your dreams, your work and all you have built and I will wash them all away. Since you have refused to cherish what I have given, I will come for your son’s and daughters and you will watch powerless to stop me. For I am kind, but fierce, I am loving, but vengeful, I am gentle but yet a savage. Maybe in time you will learn to value what you have.


As the hands of time fly by

As the sun fades in the sky

As the birds in the tree so high

To their mother cry

As my eyes become shy

As the wind blows the dust nigh

As I try hard not to die

I ask myself, “what is life?”


Rolling rolling… My thoughts like a tire keeping moving, turning, in constant motion where to I have no clue. Amidst it’s many adventures the recollections of my day are the pebbles stuck in its threads, my worries the friction that slows it down…pause.

Rolling rolling… My emotions like a tidal wave move with a thunderous roar, I can hear it with my heart and sense it with my brain. They build up like a crescendo washing away all sense and reason, I build my self control like a wall to break the wave, but she tears apart the bricks and floods the village of logic, just before they gave up hope she slowed…pause

Rolling rolling… My sorrows like a landslide break free from their roots, ripping and shredding all the joy she comes across, moving my dreams, plans and aspirations further from their scheduled dates. Bend and break all you happy branches for these pebbles and boulders will mark and etch scars upon the floor of your heart until…pause.

What do I say?

I’ve been thinking about how beautiful a person you are since the first time we spoke, and I can’t help but want to know more about you, would you like to have lunch with me sometime, or maybe a movie?

It’s always a pleasure seeing you, would you do me the honour of being my guest for dinner tonight?

You look so lovely, it’s like your face glows whenever I see you, what’s the secret? Would you care to tell me over supper?

Jump Ship

I am fearless but I’m afraid of loosing you, I’ve seen this before and I would hate to have deja vu.

I’ve seen things happen in the small world about me I call my home, walls fall down we rebuild but what do we build with? Everything I ever had, ripped from my hands with no time to appreciate it.

I hate that I have memories, I hate that the memories like many flavours are joined together, a bloody smoothie filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What is the point of any of it? Why do I hold back? Why do we think before we act? What is the point of standing on the edge when you could simply jump off the cliff?


You held the knife pointy edge forward

I looked and ran happily toward

Hoping you would free me and send my soul upward

But you poked and tore, you had it backward

You instead removed my pain, worry and fear, so from this moment I will forever smile onwards