I believe this is the section where I answer the questions Who am I? What am I? Simply put.

I am a human in a world of growing humans wishing to contribute to the presence of joy and spread of love online. Amidst the pains, tragedies, catastrophes and injustice rampant in our world. I wish and hope more than anyting that when you read the words in this blog, that you feel nothing but happiness in your heart. I hope to push your minds sometimes to reflect on what is and is not truth in our morally evolving world. So do feel free to read, relax and escape.

N.B. I am currently a student aspiring to become an environmentalist, greatly interested in the preservation of nature, resources and life on our planet for posterity’s sake. I love beautiful people (I believe beauty is a thing of the heart then the face) thoughtful, respectful individuals. I’m christian. I love Spanish, the culture and the language. Finally I love the simple things in life. A cool breeze, animals of every kind(yes snakes too, just a bit more careful) good food.


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