I love you he said, she looked him dead in the eye staring into his soul looking to see that glitter as his emotions burst forth at lightspeed beyond this physical realm. She didn’t see it but she said it back, “I love you too. Like a comment made out of pity to flatter someone…lip service, it was tasteless, baseless and really just a mess of words dishonest but colourful.

I love you he said, the words ricocheted through her ear canal and beat a sound on her ear drums that sent a chill down to her bones, her eyes watery rose to see his looking, peering into that void to see an inward expression of said outward emotion. Nothing. Dull and fake like a piece of washed imitation plastic, she looked down to the bruises on her hands as she said I love you too. Echoes of emptiness.

I love you he said, as he raised her face gently to see his to peer into the shipwreck that was her world, her life, her soul. In that moment like a ship lost in the fog upon a lighthouse she beheld a sight that changed her forever. As her eyes left the floor and travelled the length of his body and face to gaze into his windows she saw it. There was something there she had never seen in the eyes of any before him. A twinkle of sorts, not quite a twinkle but a warm glow that shone distant but bright. He inched closer and peered deeper into her mist and from it claimed her raft from the midst. He lit a fire in her heart that day, and she knew the truth of what it meant… to be loved


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