Rip and burn, do that to all of it I can’t continue with you hovering above me. Bread crumbs bread crumbs that’s all I could leave until you walk into the snare. Ask how much I’m gonna chase this fantasy, lol, not anymore. Foolishness is sitting in the backseat of the vehicle hoping to get asked to drive. Wisdom is knowing when the time is right to get in front and steer.

Rip and burn my heart to ashes, take them and spread them across the sea, feed it to the wind so she takes them somewhere worthwhile. Take the bits and pieces of me cos I’m done with this life, and I can’t continue as one entity for I have been a nonentity. I hope my ashes do more for the many creatures of the world than my whole body ever did in one spot.

Adios to folly, Adios to creativity, Adios to sensitivity, Adios to stupidity, Adios to sensibility, Adios to Gaia, Adios to Bacchus, Adios to Minerva. Now the goodbyes are done what next?


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