I’m laying here sprawled out before you laying in a pool of my own blood. I reached into myself and gave of me freely to let you know I cared. I would give you my everything yet you don’t understand a thing. 

I walked the burning coals, weathered the storm just to show you how much I cared, yet you turn away ignoring the signs. I tell you what I need you to know, the revelation of my source of inspiration and the item of my admiration. I’m wasting my time though cos evidently it’s a crime to be anything more than a backstabber and heartbreaker. 

I came low once to pull you up, never again I say I’m through. I choose to not grovel in the dirt I choose not to crawl on the diamonds, I chose not to suffer to explain my emotions to you. If you don’t understand yet, there’s no hope for this. Go home and leave me be. 


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