There’s a lovely breeze in the air, there are ladybugs, bees and little grasshoppers hopping from here to there. There’s leaf litter on the ground with beetles and worms creeping and crawling about their business, swallows, sparrows and a constant beautiful chatter of the many birds perched in the branches of trees in the park in the not so small city of Wechart (pronounced week – art). Yet amidst all this buzz of life and exciting wonder, there is the gentle sobbing of Eleanora as she cries in a tree. She climbed high to her special spot to run away from everyone. The one place she could truly feel alone and free. Far from the reaches of civilization, buried in the hazy clarity that nature provides her mind. The beauty is compelling, humbling and for her soothing. But nature is also honest and lets her cry her eyes out and wet its leafy garments with her sorrow. Until a gentle voice posed the question, “why are you crying?” She was lost among the memories that branched out in every direction entangling her senses and warping her thoughts. It created the stream of pain that flowed from her soul, and drenched the tree she sat in and did not hear it. Again a little louder, yet not so loud as to startle her, the voice asked “are you ok?”. She looks around her, thinking the voice is from somewhere in the trees and then down towards the ground. There’s a young man standing there and looking up at her. She says no, and He asks if she would like to talk about it? She replies a shifty no through the emotional shipwreck. He steps back and watches as she continues crying, she stops as she notices he hasn’t left yet. “What are you still doing here? You should leave. I don’t like people seeing me like this”. “I’m sorry I can’t help it, I’m deeply affected by your crying and I would like to help, please come down before you slip on your tears and fall to the ground “. She giggled, “If I let you help will you leave me be?”. “Yes, ma’am” He replies. She climbs down from the tree ever so slowly as she tries to avoid getting her lovely black, white flowered gown caught in the branches. When she’s close enough to the ground, he helps her down and asks, “are you ok?”. She looks around as if she expects something or someone else to pop out from behind a tree, turns to the stranger and asks “are you alone?” To which he answers yes. She cleans her eyes and asks what he’s doing on this side of the woods, there are no running trails here?As she notices that he has on runners, a hoodie and sweatpants. He points to a path behind her not too far off and explains how he’s been clearing it for a while because he wanted to run through the woods, he says it’s a more scenic route and it makes him happy and in touch with mother nature. With an air of contemptment and surprise, she asks, “what are you, some sort of new age hippie?”. “Well, I love to be in touch with nature. I feel like we lose out alot in our maze of concrete buildings and walkways, and the humming cars, and cell phones” At this point she has a look of concern about his sanity, but yet she finds him amusing as he tosses his hands here and there, up for the buildings and down at the walkways, she keeps a straight face holding back her laughter. “Oh! They have consumed a lot of people, but hey, don’t mind my ranting. Who climbs up a tree in a dress?”. “I do” with such an attitude that her new acquaintance caught immediately and realized he had bugged her long enough and decided to leave. Besides, he got her down and she had stopped crying, plus she had laughed even though it was so little he thought. So he said, “I’m sorry, I crawled into your space and intruded, I had no right and I apologize, I’m just going to leave you alone”. As he turns to leave, she realizes that he was genuinely concerned about her well being and only wanted to help, but because she got so defensive he decided to back away. Disappointed in herself and her actions towards a kind stranger, she apologized and began to explain. “I was crying because I was sad, I am sad and I feel like there is no hope at all. I don’t want to commit suicide, but I might as well because I have no reason for living. There is no goal and I feel like my life is a rudderless ship. You know what a ship sounds amazing, my life is a wooden makeshift raft with no paddles and its tossing and turning among the waves and the waters of the ocean Going with the flow in every sense of the word”. “I think your life is a lot more beautiful than you make it sound. You just have to look in the right places and stop focusing on the many terrible cards you may have been dealt. Be thankful for the little things that matter to you and treasure them” he replies to the depressing view of her life. With a look of awe and wonder at how much sense this stranger just made, she asked him “what is your name?”. As she asked the question his phone rings and distracts him, he pulls it out and looks at it, “Sorry, one minute please”. He answers the call and in seconds seems to panic and back away like he had just seen a ghost. She asks, what’s wrong? He says he needs to go that he’s late, as he turns and begins to run she asks raising her voice a little as he had moved further away from her “what is your name?”. He turns and walks backwards and shouts Adam! Then turns away and off he ran quicker than she expected anyone’s legs to carry them. She stood there stunned, and not quite sure of what just happened, but none the less happy that she had met Adam. He had made her evening a lot more pleasant than it was a few minutes ago.

This was a few days ago, she remembered the encounter as she walked out from the grocery store. Then she thought of how ungrateful she would seem to him not saying thank you. Lost in thoughts she walked on to traffic and didn’t see the red on the pedestrian light or the car coming straight at her, or hear his honking until it happened. She sat up and looked around to see the hazy figures around her moving their lips. There was some muffled noise scattered all around her as the weird figures seemed to draw closer, they moved in slow motion and this she found very fascinating. She reached out her hand to touch one of the creatures but fell back down, she was out cold.


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