She sat there on the edge of her bed and listened to the steady ticking of the wall clock. As her eyes wondered the room, it caught a picture of a young girl sitting on her father’s lap smiling so happily and the memory came to life. She remembered the sound of his deep voice as he burst into delightful laughter. It filled her ears and gave her joy as she thought, He was so happy that day. Her father had been telling her stories, and he was explaining how the brave knight defeated the Melon ogre. “So the brave knight in his shiny armour rode his trusty horse Felip into the trees, where the trap he had made lay waiting. The ogre could not find them in the canyon as he was tall and the trees blocked his view. So he got angry, and in his rage plucked the trees from the ground, and there was so much dust and dirt everywhere that it made the ogre sneeze. He huffed and shook his head and then let out a sneeze so great, that it jerked his head forward with so much force that he bashed it into the wall of the canyon and fell on the floor. The knight stepped out from behind the tree and saw the ogre lying there dead with gunk running from his nose. Suddenly Eleanora sneezed, and spread buggers all over her daddy’s hand. She looked at her mess and then up and said “like this?” and her father looked at his daughter’s face covered in a snot filled smile and couldn’t help but laugh. He got to cleaning her up and then she heard her mother’s voice as it blew away her little dream cloud. “Ellie! I thought I told you to clear all the garbage lying in the hallway?”. ” Gimme a few minutes mom my legs are killing me!”. She was pulled back to the reality of spring cleaning, her legs were getting really tired. She lay back half sad and fully frustrated that she forgot that part of the house. “If only I had cleared all that rubbish out of there I would have enjoyed a solid nap right now” she whispered angrily under her breath. She lay there looking at the ceiling as the second hand lulled her into one of her revenge filled episodes….
She would track them down to where they lived, and stalk them for days. She would stalk them at night and instill fear into their hearts. If they decided to confront her, she would… Ellie! Ellie! Ellie are you sleeping? And she sat up in a rush. “Nope not at all, just you know resting my legs”. she lied. Her mother sat by her side with a hand over her shoulder “its ok to rest if your feeling tired, you should have told me, I can finish up the rest of it “. I didn’t want to leave you to do it alone she said, looking into her mothers eyes. You see after her father’s death, Eleanora had slowly withdrawn into this cave of sorrow, anger and pain and she didn’t take her father’s loss well. Her mom understood this and always tried to reach out to her and help. She was always there for her and Eleanora loved her so much. She had never mentioned to her the thoughts that crossed her mind on many occasions, the fear of what she would think always lingered in the back of her mind. So the young girl battled these thoughts constantly on her own until she met Adam.